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Is that time again, when we stop to read what Mrs. Lauren Reed has to share with us. For #MiddleGradeMarch she picked Stella by Starlight, written by Sharon M. Draper.

“I think you can probably call us super fans of author, Sharon Draper. ☺️ The author’s middle grade books, such as “Stella by Starlight”, (which we’re more than half way through), are perfectly written for children of my daughters’ ages, telling truth in history with great compassion and hope for a better tomorrow.

Stella is a Black girl around age 11, living in the still segregated south of the 1930s where Jim Crow Laws are in place, and the Klu Klux Klan is an alarmingly growing threat. In the chapters we read this morning, Stella travels with her Papa and three other men in the community to the voter registrar’s office to register ahead of the 1932 presidential election. Stella witnesses the malevolence of voter suppression practices of the time, but also proudly watches her father and other men stand in protest for their constitutional right.

A must read historical fiction for upper elementary/middle grade ages portraying both the Great Depression and the era of Jim Crow. The themes of strong community and empowerment through education are quite inspirational. I would highly recommend “Stella by Starlight” if you’re interested in reading along with Krista @krista_booksandjams this month for #MiddleGradeMarch!”

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