In 2017 the Charleston Friends of the Library teamed up with the Renee B. Fisher Foundation’s Books for Teachers program. The Fisher Foundation provides the Friends with a grant to provide qualifying teachers with vouchers for books that they can spend at our Book Sales. Each teacher can spend up to $50 on books for their classrooms! To qualify, teachers must work at a school where the majority of students are in need.

So far, the program has been a huge success, and the Friends have provided hundreds of books free of charge to local teachers. We hope to be able to continue working with the Renee B. Fisher Foundation to fill many more local classrooms with books! Here is some feedback we received from happy teachers:

“Thank you SO MUCH for this voucher!!! It was very helpful and appreciated, as I was able to get a TON of great books for my students!”

“I became a member of Friends of the Library, so I was able to use my voucher last night and my class is so amazed with all of the books that we were able to get! They wanted me to say thank you and that they love them!”

Thanks to the Renee B. Fisher Foundation for this wonderful program.