Brittany Mathis
(843) 805-6882

Brittany Mathis is a Seattle, Washington native.  She received her B.A. from Hampton University, and her J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon .  Brittany enjoys traveling and has studied Shakespeare at the University of Westminster in London, England, and has worked as a High School English Teacher at Fuyang High School in Fuyang, China.   Currently, Brittany serves as the Executive Director of Charleston Friends of the Library, a non-profit, organization dedicated to promoting our Library as an essential institution of our society.


Susan Hoffius
Retired Curator, Waring Historical Library
Past President
Katie Norris
Alboddo Technology
VP of Membership
Virginia Ellison
Director of Archives and Research,

South Carolina Historical Society

VP of Book Sales
Claire Fund
Retired, Director of Administration of the College of Charleston
Ronna Bell
Chief Operations Officer,  Palmetto Surety Corporation


Debora Yost
Retired, Vice president and Editor-in-Chief,                                              Prevention Magazine Health Books
Tony Joyner
Executive Director of Housing Development,                                          Metanoia
Karen Lyon
Accountant, U.S. State Department
Business and Systems Support Division
Carin Jorgensen
Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations,                                        College of Charleston
Karen Warren
Retired, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
Chase Quinn
Writer, Dream Unfinished Advisory Board Member
  Chris Gilbert
Financial Advisor,   Merril Lynch