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Old Books

Book Donations

We want your books. . . here's how to donate what we really need 

  • Books must be in really good condition.  Think about the  quality YOU would buy at a book sale.

  • Sorry, but please no:

    • Moldy, musty, wet, torn, yellowed or damaged books​

    • Encyclopedias, dictionaries or computer books older than 2018

    • CDs

    • DVDs

    • Video Games

    • Cassette or VHS tapes

    • Magazines, newspapers, pamphlets

You can donate at the Main Library, Baxter-Patrick James Island Library branch, Johns Island Library branch, and Wando Mount Pleasant Library branch.

  • Main Library: Drive behind the Library (past parking garage). You will see stairs and a dropbox. Please ring the door bell Monday - Friday 10a-2p. If no one answers, you can place books in the drop-off bin. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, just request it from us!

  • Branches: Please contact branches directly before donating as they may have limitations (e.g. Johns Island only accepts 2 boxes per patron). Baxter-Patrick James Island (843) 795-6679, Johns Island (843) 559-1945, Wando Mount Pleasant (843) 805-6888.

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